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About Me 

From 2019 Freelance artist based in Nesodden, Norway, performing and teaching in various projects around Europe.

From 2023 MA in Theatre (performing, directing and dramaturgy) student at the Academy of Arts (KhiO) in Oslo, Norway.

In 2018 completed an Artistic Education under the patronage of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,
The Academy of Theatre Practices "Gardzienice"(Poland)

From 2019 certified
Aerial Teacher (My aerial home London, England).

Co-founder, producer and performer in a modern circus company duo Kasia&Milo.
From 2021 collaborates on the freelance basis with a Norwegian circus company Circus Xanti.
CEO and instructor in the children and youth circus school Mortensrud Sirkusskole.

Worked for directors such as: 
Jon S. Baird (UK), James Strong (UK), Jam
ie Payene (UK),
Per Spildra Borg (NO), Włodzimierz Staniewski (PL), 
Daniel Irizzary (NY), Maciej Gorczyński (PL), Sverre Waage (NO)
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Cirkus Xanti

directing Sverre Waage

2021 - Norway

Ballerina I Gardina, Cabaret Zanzibar, artistic residency at Sikruslandsbyen Sandvika and Oslo, circus courses, 

Kasia&Milo duo

co-directing and performing

2019 - ongoing Norway, Scotland, Poland, France

Stjernefangst, Cruise (in progress)circus shows and courses

KADO aerial


2021 - 2023

Queen of the Baltic Sea; aerial shows

Stella Polaris

directing Per Spildra Borg

2015 - 2022

(on tour Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Serbia, Ireland)

Performances: Celebration of life; Dream of Shaman; Ildmagi; Solfest; The circus tiger, Pigmy pig and Ubu; Circo Vita II in the belly of the Whale; Voices of Gokstad; Engler på Tverz; Noas ark; Julematine; Magisk aften; Det stjerne så; Liv av Aske; Heroes; Tundals Visjon; Engle kor; Eventyrlige dager; I did it my way; Practising history; Elvelangst;

Projects: Move Your Limits, Practising history Norway and Poland – rediscovering time and space.


co-directing, producing

2018 - 2021 Poland, Hungary

Irish Beasts; Eventide, Eventide's music

The Academy for Theatre Practices

directing Maciej Gorczyński

2017 - 2019 Poland

Krotochwila, Finnegans Wake

Jazz Band

2015 - 2019 Poland, Norway

Polsk konsert, Jazz under the sky, Old as New

Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex


2019 Armenia

Around the world, Folk music concert

The European Centre for Theatre Practices

directing Włodzimierz Staniewski

2018 Poland

Pythian Oratorio (guest violinist)


2017 - 2018 Norway

CD and concerts "Palow La Nan Ke Mwen"

One-Eight Theatre

directing Daniel Irizzary

2017 Poland

Madman and the Nun

Film and series:


director Jon S. Baird 

premiere 2023

Russian woman 

Outlander season 6

director Jamie Payne

premiere 2022

Christieville seateler

Vigil season 1

director James Strong

premiere 2021

Navy officer


Artistic residencies:


Oslo, Norway 

28th November – 4th December 2022 

creating performative work for young audiences in Nordic-Baltic region

Cirkus Xanti

Sandvika and Oslo, Norway

22nd-25th of August and 5th - 9th of September 2022

development of the show Starhunt


Edinburgh, Scotland

09.2020 - 06.2021

artist in residence, development of the show with children Star People Circus




Ilona Jäntti (SE)

Renu Ghalan Tamang and Aman Tamang (NP)

Zirk Mir artists (NO)
AFUK (DK) - Abigael Windsvoll, Moa Asklof Prescott

My Aerial Home (UK)

Sometimes Pole (NO)

Teatr Prog (PL)

Moving Through Acrobatics (UK)


Andrew Standford (IR)

Stella Polaris (NO) 

Gardzienice Theatre (PL) 

Farm in the Cave (CZ) 

Oleh Stefan (UA)

Odin Teater (DK) 

Theatre Brama (PL)

Witkacy's Theatre (PL)

Theatre of Figures (PL)


Candoco Dance Company (UK)

contemporary dance - Barowland Ballet (UK)

polish contemporary dance technique - Daniel Leżoń (PL) 
folk dance

Polish Highlander group “Ziemia Rajczańska”(PL),

Tébláb Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola (HU) 

dance with warrior fans - Julia Bui Ngoc (PL)

music theory, violin, piano - Szymanowski's state classic Music School (PL)

taketina - Danielle van der Ven
voice - Elzbieta Zapendowska, Voicesing studio (PL), Merete Klingen (NO)

classical singing - Maria Klich, Weronika Kulczycka,
3D and polyphonic singing - Dorota Kolodziej and Agnieszka Mendel

Music and Voice

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