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Duo Kasia og Milo

Polish-French duo founded in 2019 providing courses and performances within areas of new circus, physical theatre and life music.

Seven People is a Polish-Hungarian company established in 2018, focusing on the discovery of fluent dialogue between two distinct worlds: sound and New Circus.

Moving within the elfin world of folk tales and accompanied by the life music, we explore our bodies and the circus disciplines (acrobatics, aerial dance, juggling and fireshow).

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Physical and circus theatre found by Per Spildra Borg and Merete Klingen in 1985. Stella Polaris takes us back to ancient celebrations and previous rituals of human life. In a world of jesters, storytellers, troubadours, and fakirs brings back memories of our common ancestry and triggers longing for something larger than life. 

is a small company launched in 2021 by two friends - Dorottya and myself - who found each other through a common passion for aerial acrobatics. We offer new circus performances, courses in aerial acrobatics and own an online store that sells certified aerial acrobatics equipment. Our goal with KADO AERIAL is to spread the joy of dancing in the air all over the country and at the same time create performances that are fun and educational. 


Academy of Theatre Practices

Artistic Education under the patronage of Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Photos and videos from performances: Krotochwila, Dreams and Finnegans Wake (diploma).


In front of camera

This gallery contains memories from various projects in front of camera.


In front of microphone

This gallery contains memories from various projects in front of microphone.

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