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New circus performance with live music


How far are the stars? 

could we ever catch one?

Through physical theatre, circus and live music, the audience discovers the journey of a passionate scientist who fell in love with the stars. «STARHUNT» is the story of his remarkable encounter with a mysterious creature - The Star -and the revelation of his life.


The performance is dedicated for the children from 2 to 8 years old. Throughout the show, children participate actively in the plot and can accompany the performers on stage. 


The story takes place in the cosmos among the stars. Its main topic is the relationship of people to their wishes and dreams.

"Our goal is to encourage the children in the pursuit of their dreams and help them realise they hold the power to overcome the hardships of life."

Duration of the show: 40min

Language: Norwegian or English or French or Polish




performance: synthesis, juggling,

production: music composition

on tour: technician



The Star

performance: violin, aerial silk and lyra,

production: costumes and scenography

on tour: producer


practical info

The performance is played by two performers.


All of the rigging and technical work during the performance is carried out by the two performers:

• Set-up time: 1 hour

• Dismantling time: 30 min


Circus rigging:


The entire performance takes place under an aerial acrobatics rig that can be set at two different heights and can therefore be easily adapted to different rooms:

  • 3.65 meters high – 5.03m x 5.48m

  • 5,5 meters high - 6.54m x 6.7m


The rig can be transported by car and by plane.


The things we need: 

  • the stage lights,

  • music (a source of electricity, mixing table, speakers)

  • a regular table. 

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